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Transport department

Transport department

Company "Eurotrade" is a full member of the Association of international motor carriers of Ukraine (AsIMC) #10288 since 1995. All activity of the Companys employees is directed on the maximum satisfaction of clients requirements in logistics. Our clients, charging to company "Eurotrade" registration and delivery of the cargoes, can concentrate on conducting their businesses.

In our disposal there is own park of 35 cars corresponding to Euro-3 and Euro-5 ecological norms, with load-carrying capacity from 20 tons in volume from 91m3, as well as four refrigerator semitrailers Termo Qing Scmitz which carry out trips to Western Europe, Transcaucasus, the Baltic states, Russia, Middle East, as well as internal transportations.

Thanking to The Regime of Assistance of foreign trade activities and the License of a customs carrier, The joint venture Eurotrade LTD. carries out delivery of assorted (consolidated) cargoes on the route: Ukraine-Ukraine, Ukraine-Europe, Ukraine-Asia, Asia-Russia, Europe and back.

  - We have all necessary permissions to transport cargoes of almost all danger classes (ADR 2-9); medical preparations, foodstuff, plants covers, household and industrial chemistry. All cargoes transported by us are insured in the Stock Insurance Company INGO Ukraine. The firm has EMKT books that allows free transportation of cargoes between the third countries.

The Joint Venture Eurotrade Ltd. transports both balanced stock of great volume, and small cargoes from 100 kg. Having a customs/license warehouse in the suburb of Berlin (Germany), we render services in consolidation, storage and transportation of assorted cargoes from Europe to the CIS countries.

Qualified managers are ready to answer all your questions and to help with solution of a problem of delivery of your cargoes by phone: 044 467 68 28, 467-68-26, fax: 044 467 57 95, e-mail info@etrade.kiev.ua, or sbobrun@etrade.kiev.ua